Alayna’s Squishy, Messy, Sticky Art Class

It was Alayna’s 1st day at her Squishy, Messy, Sticky Art Class.! 😀 
Eli took this class when he was her age and he loved it. Alayna just LOVES art so I thought it would be a good fit for her as well! I had no idea how much she really was going to enjoy it. She couldn’t stop telling me how much fun she was having! 🙂

 They couldn’t just use regular play-doh, for this class it has to have glitter poured all over it! 😛 She made a Snowman and a pond with a butterfly, fish & a birthday cake of course! LOL!

 Next they got out the shaving cream. 

 Again..not ‘just’ shaving cream, shaving cream and squirt bottles filled with different colored dyed water to spray on the shaving cream!
She can’t wait to go back next week! Ya I pretty much feel like a Rock-Star Mom! 😀

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