She Made It!!

Alayna has been working hard all year, I mean working REALLY hard! She’s put in hours and hours and house of practice, sweat, and honestly some tears into improving her volleyball skills. 
This weeks she’s had a tough schedule for Jr. High tryouts to make the school team. She’s had to get up at 5am all week to get to they gym before school for 2 hour sessions each day. Today they had their final session after school and letters went out to everyone announcing if they made it or not. It’s been a long week.  
I have a pretty amazing Ministering Sister though. Her and her kids all played volleyball and her daughter Haley actually got a full ride scholarship to college for it! Alayna looks up to her and hopes she can follow in her footsteps. Dawn brought over this thoughtful gift for Alayna. She’s just the best!
Everyone who participated got an envelope. They all looked the same. The only difference was what was written on the inside. It was up to the girls if they wanted to open them at school right then or wait and open it with their families. We begged Alayna to wait until we picked her up. Thankfully she agreed. As we pulled to the school several girls were already coming out. One girl must have opened hers already, she was crying on the way to her car. Oh my heart just broke for her. It made my heart even more nervous as we were still waiting to find out what Alayna’s letter said. The suspense was killing us so we didn’t even get home to do it. LOL!! We waited in the parking lot until no one was around and she opened it. LOL!
This smile says EVERYTHING!!! She made it!!!
We are SO BEYOND EXCITED for her!!!! She’s put in the work and it paid off big time. She set this goal more than a year ago and she reached it! What more can a parent want for their child than to see they can achieve something they weren’t sure was possible. This girl has GRIT!!
Congratulations Alayna!!!! We know you are going to make the school proud!! 
Go Sabercats!!!

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