Young Men’s Campout

Eli went to the Young Men’s Campout last week. It was QUITE the adventure it turns out!!! 
The Priests were to take a hike that should have only been 6 hours. However, one of the leaders thought he know a shortcut. Well…long story short, it ended up taking almost 12 hours and they had to traverse steep (I’m talking STEEP) rocky (the rocks were hitting and  falling on the kids behind them), thorny bush covered hillsides, and had wade back and forth through the river over and over and over again. It was brutal. The boys who didn’t wear jeans had so many cuts and scrapes on their legs that they were miserable. Thankfully, Eli (who NEVER wears jeans) decided to that day!! They got back to camp hungry, wet, cold, and exhausted. Hopefully some lessons were learned by everyone. 
The rest of camp was pretty uneventful and the boys had a good time doing things boys love to do! 🙂 
I’m grateful they all made it back in one piece! 

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