Happy 19th Birthday!!!

If things weren’t crazy enough with getting our missionary off his birthday is actually 6 days after he leaves and we couldn’t send him off with out properly celebrating him! <3 
We invited the family over for a BBQ and swim party. Jared made his famous smoked pulled pork and it was to die for!! Sadly no pictures were taken. But trust me it was divine! 
Jared was eating watermelon and pulled this little guy out. We thought it looked like Florida! Hahaha!! 
We swam, we ate, we visited, we swam some more and ate some more and had a wonderful time celebrating our boy! 
I love having my house full of the ones I love! <3 
Walker isn’t a cake fan but he LOVES strawberry rhubarb pie. He requests it every year! One day I’ll learn how to make it from scratch. Thanks Fry’s for helping a Momma out in the mean time! 😀 
That cheezy grin he gives me when I want a pic but he doesn’t want to necessarily take a pic for me. LOL! Love him! 
It was nice that my parents could come. Their health hasn’t been great the last couple of years. 
I’m so glad we decided to throw this party in the mix of everything. It was hectic but so worth it! Everyone had a great time and hung out pretty much all day long. That always makes my heart happy!  
Love you Walker! I can’t believe it’s been 19 years since I held you in my arms and said “Hello” to you for the very first time! Your were so tiny and so sweet. You rarely ever cried. You spoiled us!!! You’ve always had a happy gentle nature about you. Everyone who met/meets you is drawn to you because you always make them feel loved and understood. You are patient and kind and so incredibly forgiving. You always see the good in others no matter what. You have the biggest heart and give everything you have to those you love. You are the calming force in our home. You help us all to remember “it’s all going to work out”. Your faith is incredible and is an example to your Dad and I and to Eli and Alayna. They look up to you in every way. I love you with all of my heart, body, and soul and I know you are going to do AMAZING things this year! I’m so excited for what your future holds and all the ways you are going to grow! Happy Birthday Walk-a-doo!!!! <3 

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