We went as a family (minus Eli..he was at YM’s Camp) to my parents to help clean up their backyard. They just can’t keep up with things the way they used to. 
While we were there my mom took Walker into the house and gave him a few of these. They are Mexico silver pesos 1 onza. I Googled a little info about them: 
“The Libertad is Mexico’s treasure coin and is minted at Casa de Moneda de Mexico, the oldest mint in North America, established in 1535.” They are currently only worth about $20.00 each. 
Pretty cool huh! 
She said since he’ll be going down to Mexico for 6 weeks she wanted to give them to him. 
She also shared a funny story about when her mom brought them back from a trip she took. Her Mom, and youngest sister Lizzy went to Mexico and then down to Africa. When they were down there they thought Lizzy was beautiful and offered to buy her for 12 camels!! LOL! The deal wasn’t ever made however. But it sure makes for a great story!!! Hahaha! 

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