AZ Regional Championships!

Today was the BIG day! What the whole season has been leading up to…The Championships!
Jared and I have loved seeing her passion & drive for this game. She is so much fun to watch!!! 🏐 She’s grown leaps and bounds and absolutely LOVES it! She’s very competitive but is great at encouraging her teammates. She takes in critiques and is always looking for ways to improve. 
Alayna’s coaches even let her try her jump serve during a couple of games. She’s ONLY 12 and jump serving!!! Pretty amazing! She’s the only one on her team that does it. <3 
Here’s a little clip: 
The girls had some struggles. They did what they could and gave it their best shot. 
It was an incredibly long day. We arrived at Court One at 7:15am. They played 3 games and reffed 3. Then we had to get over to South Mountain Community College by 2pm and they played 2 games and reffed 1 game there. We finally got out of there around 5pm. They were TIRED!  

I just love this!!! Girls encouraging and supporting girls. Making connections and working hard together for a common goal. 

They came in 21st out of  36 teams. Not too bad for this being the team’s first year playing club ball.:) 

I also love that Alayna has made new friendships too. Haley and Alayna have become great friends! 
So proud of my hard working, dedicated, never quits, spunky girl!!! <3 
She’s already talking about next season! She wants to try moving to Tempe to play where it’s more competitive. She is hoping to make the Jr. High team next year too! So many exciting things in store for this one! 🙂 

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