Alayna Got Braces!!!

Today I took Alayna to Dr. Frost for an initial consultation for braces. You’d think by the 3rd kid I’d stop being surprised when they tell me the kid’s teeth and bite is worse than it appears! LOL! 
Here she is “before”. I always take pics of the kids each time they come. It’s fun to see their growth and progress over the 2 years. 

Aren’t these attractive? LOL!!  If you look at her profile on the top left pick you can see her chin is further back than her top lip. The Ortho recommended she get a Herbst device to help bring her chin forward. 
Her palate is also narrow and has recommended a palate expander. Neither one of the boys got these devices. However, the Dr. also now does a lot of treatments to help kids that have sleep issues like snoring and sleep apnea after a friend of his died after having a heart attack one night when he didn’t use his CPAP. 
He ran some tests on her and the results showed her airway is only at 55. They want to see that number above 100. She does snore. And she’s already had her tonsils and adenoids removed. With Jared and Walker both having sleep apnea and needing CPAP machines to sleep, I’m willing to try anything to help her to avoid it in her future. He’s seen great results with his patients since he’s been doing these procedures. Too bad he wasn’t doing them 6-7 years ago when Walker got his braces though. 🙁 

After going through it all with the doctor Alayna’s excitement was turning more to nervousness. But she’s been looking forward to getting braces all year. She’s crazy like that! LOL! When Dr. Frost said she could get them on TODAY she was ecstatic! She was thrilled beyond words. She wanted to jump up and down! Haha! 
So pretty! Hahaha!
Much better! <3 
Today they only placed the braces. They did however put spacers between her back molars to help prep for the palate expander. We come back on the 21st for the other devices to be placed. Poor thing is going to be pretty sore. But it will all be worth it in the end! She’s tough! 🙂 

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