Family Pictures

I wanted these posted weeks ago. Better late than never right? I took our family photos last month while we were in California. 🌞 It took me forever to get them edited. If you only knew how many hours were spent in Photoshop trying to get these to look right. I had camera issues that day, kid issues, clothing issues, so many things! But thankfully I married a guy who is a whiz at Photoshop and he helped me to get them to the point they were actually usable! So grateful for his talents…..and patience! <3 
Anyway, rant over. 😛 
I thought it was fitting to take them at the beach since Walker will be serving in Tampa, Florida. 🌴😎 Our last vacation and pictures before he leaves! #10moreweeks
I just realized California and Florida will be coast to coast! 🙂 That’s cool! 
My boy! <3  
This one melts my heart! <3 
This one is still not great. Nothing we tried could salvage it. But it’s the only one of us and I liked it ok enough. I’m picky I know. 😛 

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