California Vacation- Day 5

Our last day! 

I’m so grateful for the Hawk’s and all they did for our family. They helped make this trip possible and it was so good to catch up with them. We stayed up late several nights talking and talking an talking. Dan is a great story teller! They are so generous and loving. They are great examples to us in so many ways. We are blessed to know them and count them as our friends. <3 
The Hawk’s had suggested Redondo Beach. We planned to go the day we went to Crystal Cove but the kids were wet and freezing and we ran out of time once we had to swing by the house to get them showered and changed. But it gave us one last stop on our way out of town. They said they usually have a fish market but it was closed. We’ll have to go back another time. They said it’s pretty cool to see all the different kids of fish! 🙂 
 They have a marina and shops and people fishing off the pier. They were catching some pretty big ones too!  
Our sad attempt at a family picture. Sun was blasting our eyes! Ha!
Much better! 😛 
There were a couple of seals barking like crazy. They know where to get their bellies fed! 

It’s so cool how we went to several different beaches and they all were so different and had their own character and feel. Kinda like my 3 kids! LOL! It made us all want to check out even more beaches next time! 
This vacation was everything I hoped it would be. I loved getting time with my family and making memories together. I especially loved getting extra one on one time with Walker. He really made my week with all of his hugs, long walks with me, and conversations. It was so neat to feel his love and concern for me throughout the trip. He was my buddy and I loved every minute of it!! <3 He’s growing into an amazing man. I’m so proud of him. I feel so blessed to be his mom. 

It’s always hard to leave when you are having so much fun. But reality calls and we had to get back home to real life. 😛 
Jared’s HS buddy Keahon works at Chick-fil-a close to the beach so we stopped by his store to say Hi and visit for a bit. He’s always so good to us and bought us lunch. I’m bummed we didn’t get a picture with him before we left. But I got a pic of my cup! LOL! 
The weather was gorgeous and we had so much fun! It makes me want to start planning our next trip! 
The kids partied until they dropped too! Hahaha! It reminds me of when they were all little. I love this picture!
 As we drove out of town for home we hit just a few sprinkling showers and saw this beautiful sight! I felt like God had placed it there just for us as a cherry on top of our amazing week! <3  
Our next family vacation will be in about 2 years! I can’t wait!!!!

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