Club Tryouts- EVJ

Alayna has fallen in love with volleyball. She started out on the Gilbert Parks and Rec league and has excelled every season. In Oct. the Parks & Rec take a break so we put her on an NYS team. She’s continued to show she is willing to put in the time and work it takes to grow and be teachable. 
We got word that Club tryouts were coming up but she had already decided she wanted to go on her school’s STEM Club trip to San Diego. Not to mention Club sports are EXPENSIVE! As the day got closer and closer however, she just couldn’t stop thinking about tryouts. We talked about it for several days and discussed things she’d have to cut if she did make the team…including the STEM trip. 
The night before she came to us with her decision. She was in tears…it’s hard making decisions between 2 things you REALLY want to do. 😛 But it’s also good for kids to have opportunities to make hard choices. In the end she decided to tryout for Club. 
The next morning we had to get up bright and early and it was still dark outside. Neither her nor I slept well the night before because we had butterflies! LOL! 
We got in line, got our paperwork turned in, name taped to the tryout shirt and waited…..
Jared and Alayna are deep in conversation. He’s giving her last minute tips before they called her group up. Such a good dad! <3 
Then it was go time!!
 They did lots of drills showing their passing, digging, setting, serving, and blocking skills. I’m sure I’ve left things out too. 😛 
We were there for 2 hours and then it was time to find out if she made the cut or not. NAIL BITING!!!!
They had 3 teams for the 12’s group. 12-R1, 12-R2, & 12-R3. They are ranked from the best on down. The 12-R1 team is basically the girls that played on Club last year that are still in the same age group. Coaches like to keep their same teams together and it’s tough to make it on a team that have been together a year. So it was down to the R2 or R3 teams. 
She made it on the 12-R2 Team!!!! We are so proud of her!!!!! Way to go Alayna! Way to knock their socks off!!! 😀 WoooHooo!!!!!!
With that excitement I’m sort of overwhelmed. She loves the sport so much but it’s going to take some budget cuts and finding ways to bring in extra money to help fund this passion of hers. LOL! She’s worth it though! <3 
Her friend also tried out with her and was placed on the 12-R3 team. We were bummed they didn’t make it on the same team together. Hard stuff. 🙁 

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