The Melchizedek Priesthood

Today was a blessed day! 🙏 
Walker received the Melchizedek Priesthood. My heart is full! ❤️❤️
Jared conferred the Melchizedek Priesthood upon Walker today with the help of Bishop Schnepf, Bro. Williams, Bro. Durfee and Bro. Hatch from the Stake High Council. 
The Spirit was so sweet and beautiful as Jared performed this sacred ordinance. He spoke about so many important things to help Walker as he prepares for his future. It was so moving and powerful. <3 
Bishop Schnepf and Bro. Hatch bore tender testimonies about the power of the Lord’s Priesthood. They spoke about always being worthy to call upon the powers of heaven. That through the Priesthood he can use it to not only bless others through healing and comfort blessings, but in his everyday life. They spoke about him preparing to go to the Temple and taking out his Endowments and preparing to serve a mission. 
They counselled  him to give his mom his first blessing. <3 I have no objections to that! 🙂 Number one,  so he’ll always remember who he gave his first blessing to. And number two, it will be in the comfort and safety of his home surrounded by people who love him and in his own language. On a mission it can get a little more complicated if you have to learn another language and when you don’t know the people that well yet. 
Tears were shed and hearts were overflowing with gratitude. He’s making good choices in his life that will take him where the Lord will have him go.  
I love this young man with all my heart!!! I’m so grateful to be his mom and have a front row seat in all he does…even if I get teased by him for being too mushy. 😛 

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