Trunk-or-Treat and Boog’s 40th Surprise Party!

 Halloween is quickly approaching and our Ward had our annual Trunk-or-Treat on Saturday night! 🙂 

Our kids are growing up but Alayna and Eli still dressed up this year.

Alayna was Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games. We practiced that fancy braid all week!! LOL!

A couple of her friends…cute girls.

Eli and the young men and young women in the ward ran all the games and booths for the younger kids to play. His was the Donut Pinata.

They tied a string to whichever donut the kid’s picked then they had to try to bite it off the string while they bobbed it up and down making it hilarious and difficult for the kids. 
By the way, Eli went as a “Bread Winner”. He wore a gold medal and carried around a (squishy foam) loaf of bread. We were REALLY surprised at how many people have never heard of that term!! Do they live in a cave???? LOL! 

Jared photo-bombed our pic. 😛 
Jared and I had to leave about an hour into the party to run over to Boog’s surprise 40th bday party. His birthday is actually on Halloween. I’ve always thought that was kinda fun!  

Our family doesn’t take pics together very often so I wanted to be sure to get a couple. Unfortunately, my sister wasn’t able to make it.

It was a nice small gathering of friends and family. My “little” brother has joined the 40 Club. LOL! Happy birthday Noonie! 😛

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