Ice Does it Again…Times 2!

Team Ice brought home another two more wins today! 
She looks pretty happy about that! 😛
The 2nd game was a nail biter. The Evergreen Team was tough today! We came from behind on every match and then went back and forth tying it up. Then at the end they squeaked out the wins!
This week we’ve had to do some real soul searching. Her really good friend has decided to try out for Club Volleyball and so of course she wants to do it too. It is SOOOO expensive. The season goes from Nov-May, has two practices a week for an hour, plus games once a week. They travel and do all sorts of things and it runs about $2000.00. Yikes!
We know Alayna has the drive, desire, and talent to make it. Unfortunately, we just don’t have the funds. 🙁 She was heartbroken when we told her we couldn’t do it and we were heartbroken having to say no. We want to give our kids everything. Especially, when they show they are willing to put in the hard work! We went back and forth and back and forth trying to figure out where we could scrape the money together, but the reality is…we just don’t have it.
It is frustrating to know that only the kids that can afford to do Club can then play on Jr. High and High School teams. It’s pretty much the only way to have a chance. Sigh…..
Our prayer and hope is that if we continue to find teams for her to play on that are in our price range, but not Club,  maybe ….just maybe…she’ll still have a shot next year to make it on the Jr. High team. She really is amazing! We want her to be able to have great opportunities.

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