Like Brother Like Sister

These two….
I’m not even sure what to do with my kids sometimes. The doctor’s office is sure happy they have us as patients though. We are providing them with quite a lot of our hard earned cash. We can’t seem to stay away from the doctor’s office. It’s only March and we are very close to meeting our $6850 out of pocket deductible! Just saying that hurts!
The cousins came over last weekend and all 4 kids were jumping on the trampoline. They were playing some crazy game and Carlos’ head rammed into Eli’s back pretty hard and he hasn’t been able to move very well. 
Alayna was over at a friend’s house a few days before the cousins came over and was running around barefoot outside when a cinder block wall came out of nowhere (as they usually do) and she took a giant chunk out of the outside of her foot and it was looking sketchy and like it might be getting infected. 
So….we took another trip to pay for their doctor’s next new car. LOL!
When we got in the office and each of them were explaining what happened to each of them we all were laughing. Not that’s funny..they both are in a lot of pain. But because of the silliness of it all! LOL! 
Eli has strained his back. Epsom salt baths, heat pads, biofreeze, Ibuprofen, and stretches for him. And a note to not do weights for 2 weeks.
Alayna’s foot isn’t infected and in 2 weeks she should be good to go! Keep dressing it as I had been doing. 
Had Eli take an epsom salt bath. I was across the house when I heard thud thud thud! 
I ran to the bathroom asking if he was ok? He couldn’t really respond. It was like he couldn’t answer me and couldn’t get his thoughts together. He just kept saying in a slowed speech, “hold on.”
He finally came out and said he had gotten up to get out of the tub and he completely blacked out. He hit his forehead on the side edge of the bathtub and bit his tongue and woke up spitting. He had no idea what happened. 
It gave him a pretty nasty headache for 2 days so he probably gave himself a minor concussion. The whole thing was a little scary.
But this is classic….we try to cure one problem and by so doing, create a new one. Our doctor’s are really well paid! LOL!

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