How we celebrate different holidays are beginning to change. As the kids get older they are busier and have jobs, friends and other things that pull them out of our family traditions. It’s taking some getting use to but I know it’s all apart of growing up!
Walker worked Halloween night. We missed him and saved him some heath bars!  😛 
Eli and his friends put a themed costume together and went as the four seasons. I think they all looked so great!!! 
 These guys are hilarious and a great group! They are always up for something fun! 
They took Alayna out to trick-or-treat for a while. That made her night! Going with mom and dad just isn’t all that fun. 😛 
Later, we met up with the Esperson’s and then it became a Catalina Ward trick-or-treat party at the Richin’s! It was a really great night! 
The weather was perfect and the company was wonderful!

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