Scholarship & Awards Program

A lot goes on your Senior year! 😉

Eli was recognized at the high school’s scholarship & award ceremony. This program was a culmination of several different things. The first being the students who earned their Golden Scholar.

This is his 9th consecutive (and final) year he has received the Golden Scholar Award! ⭐ Pretty amazing that since the 4th grade he’s maintained excellent grades!

They then spot-lighted a few students who earned scholarships of special mention. It was an exciting day for us as parents and we were HUGELY surprised at the ceremony when Eli was asked to come up from the audience to receive special recognition for his scholarship!! He was surprised too, as we found out later, he and his best friend were working on calculus homework and when his name was called and he had no idea what was going on until the rest of his friends were nudging and whispering loudly to GET UP THERE.. THEY CALLED YOUR NAME! Hahaha!!

Master Sergeant Chris Mandell from the US Air Force recognized Eli as the only student to receive the AFROTC Scholarship! ✈️🎉 Pretty awesome!!!

Here’s a little clip. Sorry for the fumbling at the beginning we weren’t ready to film…LOL! And the sound quality isn’t very good. Jared’s phone is old. 😛

The 2nd half of the program the students approached the microphone and declared where they were going to attend college. That was kind of neat to hear all the different schools they’d be going to in the fall.

Eli and his best friend Tanner will both be attending ASU. However, Tanner will be serving a mission for our church for 2 years before he goes to college. It will be fun to see where the Lord sends him.

We love you, Eli! Congratulations son! 💙