Ward Campout- 2017

Our annual Ward Campout was over the weekend. Alayna never got to go camping with Jared over the summer so there was NO WAY she was going to miss out on the ward campout! LOL! She even got her friend Morgan to go up with them! Which only made the trip even more fun!!!
They get up there about when the sun is already going down. They set up camp and then hang around the campfire making s’mores, chatting, singing songs, and playing games.
The temps were supposed to be freezing over night. Walker had to work the next day so I stayed home to spend some one on one time with him…I had “nothing” to do with how cold it was supposed to be… Wink, wink 😛  He and I did have a fun night together though. We grabbed dinner and went shopping for Homecoming. 🙂 
The next morning Bro. Woolf set up his Bungee 2000 and gave all the kids a terrifying thrill! LOL!!
Look at her face!!!!! Hahaha! 
Some knife/hatchet throwing. 
Eli took his buddy Derek up too. 
They all stayed pretty warm. Temps didn’t get quite as low as forecasted….thankfully, I worried about them turning into Popsicles! 
The van was the “cool” place to hangout for some of the teens. My son and his dorky faces he makes..LOL!
I really do love being in the mountains. These pictures made me a little jealous I didn’t go. 
 They had a tightrope walk. 
 It’s a lot harder than it looks! 
These two are never sitting still long. They found a half made fort and decided it needed some sprucing up!
 Looks like a really awesome hideout! 
Jared is such a great dad taking all the kids and their friends over night!! I know the kids will remember him for always being there for them! Lucky kids! <3 

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