Rockin’ Through the Ages

Alayna’s school had a fun event on Friday night called “Rockin Through the Ages”. We scrounged up some things from her closet and gave her a totally rad side pony and she was ready to rock dude! 😛  
Let’s admire that hair for a moment! She definitely missed her era! We literally just brushed it over to the side and sprayed it with a little hairspray. That’s all natural baby!!!! 😛 
 She thought it was so funny to be dressed up like this. She kept saying how mismatched everything was and how big her hair was. I just kept telling her she looked awesome and just like I did at her age! Hahaha!!!
But she also looked so grown up and like a teenager. Which always makes my heart skip a little. 
Jared is a good dad and took her…but he didn’t get any pics of them together. But I did get these! 

When I saw this pic of the 2 girls my mind raced into the future! I could just see this happening in just a few short years. Two beautiful girls driving around town giggling about cute boys!!! 
Oh my heart!!! LOL! Time needs to slow down! 
Jared took her for ice cream after for a special treat. She came home smiling from ear to ear! <3 Memories in the making!

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