Work & School Are Tough…

We have some BIG news around here!!!!! 
Walker got his 1st job!!!! WoooHooo!!!!
He’s working at his favorite place too…Rubio’s! 🙂 He’d been searching all summer with no luck. The week before school started we went around again getting more applications and dropping them off if paper forms were available. 
We happened to see Rubio’s had a help wanted poster in the window. He went in to get an application and the General Manager happened to be working the register and basically interviewed him on the spot. She said she was going out of town until Monday and asked if he could come back in and have a sit down interview with her then.
Of course he agreed! Monday’s interview was really just a formality to go over his application. Everything is online now. So he went home and applied online. She gave him the job right then and there! He was ecstatic! 🙂 
He went in and filled out new hire paperwork for about an hour. Apparently his manager said it takes most people 2 hours. What in the world is on that paperwork??? LOL!! He also filled out his 1st tax form too. Oh the joys of paying taxes!!! 😛 
About a week after that on the 10th,  he finally got called in for training. I guess the manager had gone out of town again. 😛 
Eli is such an amazing brother and he made Walker, Happy 1st Day of Work Cookies! 🙂 <3 So sweet!
The next day after school Walker came home and we were talking about his day. I left the room and came back in to tell him I had to leave and I found him like this!! LOL!!!
Going to work and school is tough! Haha! It takes a little getting used to new schedules. 😛

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