Prelims- Breaststroke, Butterfly, & 100m IM

Alayna had her Prelims tonight! She did AWESOME!!!!!
50m Breaststroke was her 1st event. She’s in the 2nd lane from the left. 
She’s really great at getting power off her turns!
She placed 1st!!!! It was so exciting to watch!!!!
Next up was 25m Butterfly. She’s in the 2nd lane again. 
Another strong finish in 3rd! 🙂 
Her final event was the 100m Individual Medley. She’s in the 4th lane from the right. 
 She was on point tonight! She placed 4th! 
We are so proud of her! Only the top 16 swimmers from each event get to compete next week at the Championships.Her seed times were already in the top 8 in all of her events before tonight. We knew she would make it to next week no problem. But it’s still exciting to watch her and cheer her on!  We can’t wait until the Championships next week! 

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