Eli Ordained a Teacher

Before church Eli decided he wanted to make dinner. He wanted to make chicken fettuccine alfredo in fact. I was rushing around and I thought that would be awesome to get a little help so he took charge and got things going in the crock-pot so it would be ready by the time we got home. I sure love that kid!!! He loves to cook! I love to let him cook! <3 
Jared snapped this of him while I was getting dressed…LOL!! He decided my Minnie Mouse dress apron would be the perfect choice! He cracks me up!!! 😛 
But honestly he’s such a great help! You are welcome ladies! He is going to make a wonderful husband one day! 🙂 
After church Eli was ordained to the office of a Teacher!!
I am so proud of the choices he is making in his life!! Witnessing him receive this priesthood by his father was such an amazing gift! And to witness his brother who holds the office of a Priest also stand in the circle and participate brought me to tears. These 3 men in my life mean the world to me!!! I’m so grateful for their example and strength they bring into our home. 
Congratulations Eli!!!!!

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