District Elementary Art Show

Alayna came running home from school and burst into the house saying, “I’m really sorry I couldn’t wait!!!!” 
I had no idea what she was talking about. Then she handed me an envelope that was already opened. 
She said, “It said not to open it until I got home but I couldn’t help myself. It said I earned an achievement and the suspense was killing me. My teacher and class told me to go ahead and open it because they were too excited too. So I did!!! I’m really sorry though! “
I told her it was fine and I wasn’t upset. I started to read the letter and I couldn’t believe what she earned! I was beaming for her!!!!!
She was selected from her school to go to the District Elementary Art Show!!! It’s quite an honor!! Her art has been getting so good! She nurtures her talent and practices it all the time. It comes so naturally for her. I’m so happy that others are noticing as well!!!
Her school’s night is Tuesday April 11th at Norwood Furniture in Gilbert! We will be there with bells on!!! So very proud of my girl!!! 
Congratulations Alayna you deserve it!!! <3 

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