You Get Credit For Trying…

Eli tried to go back to school today. I took him an hour late so he didn’t have to go to band. Two hours into his day I got a text saying he was hurting pretty bad and couldn’t focus on anything. He said all he was able to do was one worksheet. 🙁 
I asked him if I needed to come pick him up. He couldn’t decide but in the end he asked me to come get him. 
He ate some lunch and laid down to rest. The next thing I know he’s crashed out on the couch. For most kids this would be normal and typical. For Eli, this is VERY rare! He never naps, slows down, or takes a break. He goes from sun up to sun down. LOL! 
He ended up sleeping for almost 3 hours!!
 I’m so glad he tried to go to school but really glad he called me. He needed the rest. Hopefully things will improve each day. 

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