Eli’s IMPACT Test

Eli had his IMPACT test today. They took him back to a room with a computer that tests what kind of impact/effect the concussion is having on his cognitive function. He needed to concentrate and focus so they told me to wait in the waiting room for 20-30 min. until he was finished. Then they would come and get me. 
It’s basically a timed test that quizzes you on patterns…with numbers, shapes, words, etc. 
After the test Eli came to get me and he was super hyped up!! He said, “That was the most stressful, hardest, and most fun test I’ve ever taken!!!!” 
I couldn’t stop laughing!!! Hahaha! You should have seen his face! He was freaking out! 😛 
He said it asks you all these questions and you think you are done and then they ask you stuff from the very beginning and you don’t realize you should have remembered it and on top of that it’s timed so he was on some major adrenaline high! LOL!!
The docotor came in and talked to us. She asked me what kind of student Eli is typically, and this is where my Mom pride gets to shine, and I said, “He’s an excellent student! He’s in honors classes and get’s straight A’s. He’s really bright!” 😀
She said, “Well the test certainly reflects that! She said he scored higher than 75% of boys his age and in one section scored 94% higher! In fact, a boy just came in who is 4 years older than him and didn’t score nearly as well!” 
Oh boy, my heart was just over flowing with pride! 🙂 
She said, “Clearly his cognitive function isn’t being affected. He may still feel dizzy and hazy for a few more weeks but that is normal. With bright guys like Eli they are used to things coming easily to them and not having to work as hard as your average person. So when he struggles it probably feels much more difficult than it would to others. They aren’t used to struggling. She said the important thing right now is to get back to school as much as possible and try to be patient with the process of your brain trying to heal and process the trauma it’s been through. It’s going to take time.”
We were really happy to hear things are ok! 🙂 
She did another test where he sits on the table and then holds his arm out in front of himself, he gives a thumbs up and then shakes his head side to side like he’s saying no with his head while keeping his eyes focused on his thumb until she says stop. Then he stands and closes his eyes. She spots him to make sure he doesn’t fall and sees if he can stand up without leaning, falling, etc, 
Then she has him do the same thing again but this time nodding his head up and down. 
Both times he leans really far all over the place. He can’t keep his balance centered. 🙁
She said this can clear up on it’s own in time. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t but if you want to help speed things along he can go to Vestibular Therapy. She said either way is fine. So she gave us a referral to go to therapy at Banner Desert. I think having a consult at minimum would be good. He’s constantly blacking out and feeling like he’s going to hit the ground any time he gets up from his chair or from laying down. He has an appt. on Monday.
Over all he’s getting better. The soreness and headaches are manageable and he went to school and stayed for half the day today. That’s the longest he’s gone yet in 2 weeks! Yay! 
Be safe out there guys! Keep your eyes on the road and not your cell phones! <3

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