Ever since Walker was little he’s snored like an old man. We did scan of his adenoids back when he was in kindergarten but the pediatrician felt they weren’t enlarged enough to take them out. I guess as you age they shrink.  
Well he’s a Jr. now and he seems to be snoring worse! He never feels rested no matter how much sleep he gets. Jared and my dad both have sleep apnea so I decided it was time to get him checked out. 
They wanted to start with is lung function. Make sure he has no signs of asthma first. I wish I would have gotten the pic of him blowing up the balloon on the computer screen that helps them with the test. It was cute. The office is for pediatrics and Walker wasn’t really feeling all the baby decor and stuff..LOL! I thought it was pretty funny though! 😛 
He passed that test and after the Dr. examined him and got his history he definitely feels he could possibly have sleep apnea. 
Our next step is a sleep study and a follow up with an ENT and the Pulmanologist. If it comes back postitive they recommend surgery to remove the adenoids. I assumed they would just give him a sleep machine like Jared. I’m not sure why surgery is the next step??? Seems kinda invasive to me. 
We’ll discuss it more with the ENT. I’m really hoping we get in soon! This kid needs his sleep!

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