Old Friends…

Jared’s old friend from High School, Dave, comes into town this time every year. We usually get together with all of our kids and hang out for a day or so when he comes. 
Since it was the day before Alayna’s bday we let her choose where to go for lunch! She of course chose Red Robin! It’s her favorite place to eat and even more so in December because they have gingerbread shakes which are AMAZING! 😛 
Jared is always photo-bombing! LOL!
I guess karma gets you back when your milkshake comes and you try pouring it into the regular glass and the whole thing comes plopping out and over-filling it and oozes all over the table!!! Hahaha!!
That’s the look of heaven on earth! LOL!!! 
Not only did she get a shake she got a sundae and a birthday song!!! I think she was happy! 😛 
Afterwards they all went to the Main Event. It’s this giant gaming place where you can play video games, lazer tag, pool, bowling, and gravity ropes. 
This is them getting all geared up for the gravity ropes. Apparently Walker and Alayna both have a fear of heights and it wasn’t their favorite thing…but they tried it anyway and I’m super proud of them for trying it! 🙂 
I’m not sure if anything scares this child when it comes to physical adventures! Makes me a little nervous but I’m glad he loves it! 🙂 
It was a great way to spend the day with old friends and family! 🙂 

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