Hello World!

For the past couple of weeks Alayna has been complaining about not being able to see the white boards at school so well. I finally got her in to see the eye doctor on Tuesday. 
She was just a “little” bit excited! 😛
The verdict is in she indeed needs glasses! I was in the 4th grade when I started wearing glasses too. I guess she has my genes…poor girl! LOL!
She tried on a few frames. Don’t mind the unbrushed hair. She is experimenting with her style. LOL!!!
We really liked these black ones but she wanted them in plum. Unfortunately they discontinued them in that color. 🙁
These were her 2nd choice. They rang us up and I about fell over at the bill. I didn’t love the frames either but she did. I’m thinking she loved that they would be ready that day and when you are kid you have zero patience. I talked her off the ledge and said let’s think about it. 
We headed to Sam’s Club to see if they had anything we liked. 
Yes her teeth are blue. She had just drank a Blue Ocean Water from Sonic. LOL!
We all really liked these! They were super affordable and much much cuter than the ones she picked at the other place. Win Win!!!
 They have a purple tint to them and they look super adorable on her. She is ecstatic! Maybe when she brushes her hair and teeth I’ll post a picture of her in them where you can see the frames a little better. Hahaha!

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