4th Grade Adventures!

Alayna’s teacher has a neat app she uses to keep in touch with the parents in her class. She posts pictures and newsletters anything really that she wants to share. This week she posted pics of the kids working in the school garden and reading time in class. It’s neat to get a glimpse of what our kiddos are doing while they are away! 🙂
Alayna is loving the garden. She came home that day and told me all about how they are planting jalapenos, onions, pumpkins, all sorts of things! She also pointed out that she had to tell everyone what to do and how to do it!!! Our little forewoman! LOL! 😛 
I love these two girls. Emmy and Alayna have become such good friends over the past couple of years. I’m so happy they are in the same class again this year! 🙂

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