Daddy Daughter Time!

Alayna has been wanting us to dye her hair. Jared suggested we use kool-aid. So the two of them went to the store and picked out some flavors! 😛
They were both very excited about this little project! 😀 Jared hopped on Youtube and got some tips and they were off! 
It takes about 8 hours for it to be done. This was the final outcome. 
She was happy with it. It’s hard to tell in the picture but we used purple kool-aid. It didn’t really turn out purple. The next day we put red in it and it looked really cool. But it wasn’t as vivid as we were hoping. It is just kool-aid after all….maybe next time we’ll just get some temporary hair dye so we can get the exact color. 
It was a fun little experiment! It was fun to watch them spend some quality time together too! 🙂 

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