“The Fox and the Cheese Queen”

Alayna’s class had a Reader’s Theater yesterday. We got an official invite and everything! This was legit people! 😛

She’s only been talking about it for 2 weeks non-stop. I’m not totally sure she was excited about it or not!!!! LOL!!!
What do you think??? Is she stoked? LOL!!!
Eli was feeling better and probably could have gone to school, but he wanted to come support his little sister. He’s a sweet brother! <3
She played the role of Shariki Crow. She had a pretty big part! The script is about a clever fox and his plan to steal cheese from a crow (Alayna). It was really cute! She even got to sing…horribly…LOL! 
Earlier this week we were talking about her part and she said, “Mom I think this role was made fore me!!!!” Hahaha! Just the way she said it it sounded so Hollywood! It was adorable! 😛
She did a great job! She loved it and we loved watching her! <3
Great job sweetie!! 😀
 We wish Walker could have come too but he had finals he couldn’t miss. 

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