Walker’s Golden Scholar

 Walker had his Golden Scholar Award Ceremony today!!! 
He has had a pretty heavy academic load this year and he was out sick for two weeks last quarter. We were nervous he wasn’t going to be able to catch up in time before they looked at GPA’s for academic night. He worked really hard and he qualified!! 😀
I should know better than to doubt him…he’s a rock star! 😛 
He’s the one standing in front of the flag. 
Shaking the Principal’s hand. 🙂 
Big grin from him and his best friend Chase. 😛 
Walker, Nelson and Chase have made it to Golden Scholars since they were little boys. They are great friends and are like brothers to each other. 🙂 They are growing up so fast! Next year they will be Juniors!!! Wowzers!!!!
Love this young man!! <3
Congratulations on another successful year Walker!! We are so proud of you. We know you have worked your tail off this year and we are so impressed with all that you have accomplished!! Love you!

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