Just Hanging Out!

Yesterday after church we were all relaxing and enjoying our afternoon. I had had a crazy stressful week and I was ready to just not have to think about anything and enjoy being with my family. 🙂
The kids tend to get a little goofy after they’ve been sitting around a while without much to do. Ok…well maybe not “just” the kids…..case in point…the image below!!! LOL!!!
I’m not even sure how this came about. All I know is we were watching “The Middle” together, which happens to be the BEST show, and I look up and see Jared trying to jump on Walker’s back! 
Walker has really been loving weights this year at school. He’s getting pretty beefy! It’s cool! 
I told Jared to be careful and for Walker to “use those legs”!!!!!! Hahaha!!!
Not only did Walker hold Jared like that  he carried him around the house for a while. I couldn’t believe it! Those smiles are priceless!
Oh the wacky things these guys come up with! 😛
Love them so much!!!! <3 <3 <3

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