You Can Do Hard Things

I want to just take a moment and recognize Eli’s hard working nature. He absolutely amazes me!!!

He missed a quarter of school and had zero teacher instruction and class time because of his illness. He’s in Honors classes and is typically a straight A student so we’ve always known hes a smart cookie. 😛 

However, grades were just posted for last quarter and I’m in awe. He managed to get all A’s & B’s!!!!! I’m so incredibly proud and impressed with him! He was sick and I mean really sick and he still managed to stay on top of his studies!!
He basically figured out all of his assignments on his own for 9 weeks and he finished with flying colors!!! Who does that???
I’m pretty sure if it was me I would have failed everything! He is such an amazing example to me. He never gives up and I love that quality about him! <3 <3 <3
P.S. For those of you wondering, he’s doing so much better on this new RX and has been back to school all week!!

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