Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter! I love this time of year! The cold winter is behind us and everything is beginning to bloom. The winter blues subside and I start to feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle some goals. 🙂
I also love reflecting on what this holiday is about. Pondering what my Savior did for me and how miraculous that is. It’s an act of love and sacrifice that is hard to comprehend at times. I don’t think I’ll ever fully understand what He went through for me. His grace and mercy are tremendous gifts. I know I fall short in so many ways but through Him I can have a second, third, and fourth chance through repentance, and try again. How I love Him so!
The boys are getting older now and they don’t really want to participate in some of our traditions. However, this beautiful girl still does! We had fun dying eggs together. 🙂
This year we had Easter at Mom and Dad’s house. Our church doesn’t get out until 1pm which means  it was about 3pm by the time we got there. Everyone had already eaten. Mom and Dad got pizza this year! It’s easy, cheap and quick to clean up! 🙂
 I got Mom some flowers. They aren’t the prettiest but they smelled AMAZING!!!!
After we ate and chatted a bit the kids had their Easter egg hunt. 
Dad was super smart and put all the candy in the freezer before the eggs were hidden. Here in the desert chocolate melts wicked fast! Not this year though!!!! All of the chocolate survived! 🙂
Grandma Lovenia had her children in from back east. They joined us for Easter. We had a nice relaxing day. The weather was BEAUTIFUL! 
 So thankful for these moments that help me slow down and take a time to appreciate all I have. My healthy family, the ability to worship how I choose, a loving Savior who cares for me, a  Heavenly Father that wants me to return to Him. And the blessing of eternal families!!! <3 <3

Happy Easter!

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