Last night Eli invited a couple of friends over to hang out. They then hatched a plan to invite a few more friends over to play 007. Somehow Jared and I got wrangled in and we were the drivers. 😛
007 is like the spy movies and hide and go seek that’s played in the dark. The “hiders” start out at “base” (the house) and try to get to a pre-determined location that’s far away from base (the back canal gate) and then back to base without getting caught. 
The “finders” drive around in a car or bike with flashlights/headlights trying to find them. They hide in bushes, behind cars, trashcans, whatever it takes not to get caught. 
If you find them they get in the car with you and help you find the others or if they make it back to “base” they’ve won. 
This is what happens when you ask everyone to hold still for a quick picture…..LOL!
Dorks! Haha!
 It’s a lot of fun and Jared and rock at this game! 😛 We are awesome spies! LOL!!
Alayna was stoked she won the 1st game and Eli won the 2nd game. Some of the boys need to brush up on their skills…LOL!!! It was pretty funny they would get so mad when we found them! Hahaha!
What can we say…we’re good!

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