Jared Sprained His Ankle

So after Alayna’s concert last night Jared was walking around the van and stepped off of the curb funny and rolled his foot. 
The sad part is is I had no idea until several minutes later!! 🙁 The kids and I were sitting in the car and I asked them where Dad went? No one really answered so we sat and waited. I heard something hit the car, but I thought it was just a kid walking by or something. A few minutes later, I asked the kids again…Do you know where Dad is? Everyone said, “No.” So I sat and waited a few seconds more and then I heard a BANG, BANG, and then saw Jared’s hand smack the driver side window and his ring hit the glass which made it sound the the window was going to shatter! 
I jumped out of the car and ran around and found him on the ground half propped up against the car next to us. He was in so much pain and grabbing his leg but I still had no idea what was wrong. I did’t know if he had fainted or had an episode or if he just fell. 
Between a lot of heavy breathing and holding back tears he said he tripped over the curb and rolled his foot. He said it felt like he might have broken it. 
I’m not all that strong so I wasn’t able to help him into the van. I opened the back passenger door and he was able to slide himself in. I was going to take him to Urgent Care but we needed to drop the kids off first. Once we got home he didn’t feel like it was broken and wanted to wait. 
The next morning it was still hurting pretty good so I called Dr. Krahn, my foot Dr., and he squeezed us in. He took x-rays and thankfully nothing was broken/fractured. It was sprained though…so he now gets to wear this sweet thing for 4 weeks! At least it’s not “the boot”! 😛
I will say though…Jared is a TERRIBLE patient! He doesn’t want to do what the Dr.’s tell him. So we’ll see how long that brace lasts!

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