For the Memory Book…

Love these kids of mine! 😛

Alayna (4 years old) says she knows Gaston (from Beauty and the Beast) doesn’t like Belle. her own words “He loves me!!!” 
What do I do with that ladies and gentlemen?!? Not only is she jealous of a cartoon, she’s falling for the ‘bad’ guy! LOL! (12/14/2010)

Watching White Christmas with the kids. After the big dance number where Bing Crosby and Danny Kay act like women, Eli (11 years old) blurts, “That’s FANTASTIC!” 
LOL! Love that kid!! (12/14/2014)

We were driving around looking at Christmas light last night and we came to a house that had a Polar Bear on one side of the teeter totter, and two Penguins on the other. Walker (9 yrs. old) says, “That’s funny…Don’t Polar Bears eat Penguins!!” LOL…Jared and I were totally cracking up! What a funny kid! (12/12/2009)

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