Happy 12th Birthday Eli!

Happy 12th Birthday to my sticky face, big blue eyed, cute
as a button, big hearted, quick witted, baby boy! Your larger than life laugh
is absolutely contagious! I’m so blessed to be your mom! Love you “To
Infinity and Beyond!!!!” <3
We had a small family party for Eli’s birthday, since we remodeled his room that was his big gift. 🙂

We had his favorite dinner, lasagna, and oreo ice cream cake.

And those crazies went swimming!!! Brrrrr!!!!! LOL!

Happy Birthday Eli! We sure are lucky to have you as our son! <3

PS… I love that you don’t get embarrassed and totally crack up when I roll the car window down when I drop you off at school and after you get out I yell, “I LOVE YOU ELI !!!!” (or some other mushy thing I can think of) at the top of my lungs so the whole world can hear..LOL!! It absolutely makes my day when I see you shake your head and laugh at me as I drive off!

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