Eli’s Room Remodel!!!

 Be warned…the “before” pictures are pretty frightening!!! This was taken in real time in real life! LOL!!! No editing here my friends!
Eli was pretty embarrassed when he saw me take out the camera taking pics of his room. He kept trying to pick things up, and I kept telling him to put it down!!! LOL! I said this way we can see the true transformation! 😀 
 In his defense. Alayna has been sharing his room with him for the past 2 months or so. She’s been getting scared at night. We threw a mattress down on the floor for her. Eli was very sweet letting her be his roomy. 🙂 And all three kids have their computers in his room too. It’s just a little crowded!
When Walker turned 12 we let him re-do his room. His room was covered in airplanes. It used to be the nursery. Eli’s room as you can see wasn’t so baby-ish. But it wasn’t really colors he loved. So with the 12 year old birthday tradition. We began the transformation. 
We spent HOURS in the paint section at Lowe’s…..He was dead set on getting the brightest neon green and purple. We tried to tell him he might want to tone the colors down some. He agreed to drop the purple and go to white, but he only came down a few notches on the green. I began painting and asked him how he liked it? He HATED it! LOL!!!
So…back to Lowe’s we went! 
Several hours later we picked the color on the left. This picture actually doesn’t do the paint color justice. Cell phone cameras….
So here is the BIG reveal!!!!!! 
We realize the cube shelf doesn’t match. We are trying to find one he likes to match the other furniture. 🙂 I just thought it was best to take advantage of the clean room while it lasts! 😛 When we get the new shelves I’ll update you! 😀
We are THRILLED with how it turned out. He’s much happier with the paint colors and now we can walk in his room! He says he sleeps so well in there now and he feels so grown up!
It’s fun being able to do these projects with the kids. We give them a budget and it’s up to them to figure out how to come in or under the target dollar amount. Eli did a great job being a savvy shopper!
Happy Birthday Eli! 
Mom & Dad
Now we have to go lay down and rest for 3 days to recover….LOL! 😛

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