Rube Goldberg

Eli wanted to earn some extra credit for Science. Last night his buddy Devon came over and they designed and built a Rube Goldberg Machine. 
The requirements were that it had to have at least 10 transitions and be successful! 😛
After 4 hours Devon had to go home. Eli was determined however, and another hour later with more tweaking and testing and resetting….it worked!!!!! It took about 50 times before it worked. 
We were all SO tired and so THRILLED when it finally did everything correctly! 😀 
Going from dominoes to books is harder than you’d think and the bedroom door did NOT want to open! But victory is sweet!!!!!
Eli taught us a big lesson in perseverance last night. He’s an amazing kid!! He never gives up on a problem he wants to solve. 
You can click the link below and watch all his hard work pay off!!!
Way to go Eli!! We are so proud of you and you certainly earned every point of extra credit! 😛

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