Walker’s 1st Shave

For the past year Walker has been rockin’ the ‘stache! He swore he was never going to shave it. He wants to grow a giant beard. However, recently some of his buddies have told him if you shave it…it will grow back even darker and thicker. So, last night Jared took him in the bathroom and gave him his 1st shaving lesson! 🙂
I begged him to let me video it but he refused. He did allow me to take pictures, and I’m grateful for that! 😀
Here he is in his “before”….but lets get a better look at that manly mustache!
Jared walked him through each step.
A good lather is important! 
Only move the razor up and down..never side to side! That will end very badly!! 😛
And there you have it! I freshly shaved face! And he didn’t even cut himself! 😀
Now we wait and see if it comes back looking like Tom Selleck!! LOL!

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