Record Breaking Rainfall!!!

Yesterday we had record breaking rainfall here in Arizona. In one day we made up an entire year’s worth of rain totals!! They said it was the rainiest single day in Phoenix where records go back to 1895.
Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport recorded 3.29 inches of rain,
which broke the all-time calendar day record total of 2.91 inches. That record was set in 1933. In some places they were recording 4-5 plus inches of rain!
There were several schools and entire school districts that closed and kids didn’t go to school. Never in my lifetime would I have thought Arizona would have a “Rain Day” like a Snow Day. LOL!! 
Unfortunately for our kids our schools didn’t close. They still had to go. The roads were pretty eerie as I drove them in that morning. We were the only car on the street for a while. As we turned on to the street to get to the school, the road looked a little wet but as I drove forward walls of water were being pushed aside by the van. I had to slow waaaaay down so we didn’t hydroplane. Eli was freaking out…lol! As we kept driving the water was getting deeper and the one other soul on the street coming from the other direction saw me boating through and they turned around. I guess they didn’t want to risk it! LOL!

We sure needed the moisture…but maybe not all at once! 😛
Our neighborhood park became a lake. Here are some pictures from around the different common areas.

Yep!! That’s a basketball hoop and the water is almost touching the bottom of the net!! 
The park usually is surrounded by high sided hills… hills here. 
On the news they showed cars on I-10 that had been abandoned because the pumps on the freeway there that were supposed to remove the water malfunctioned and the water came so fast and sudden that motorist had to just leave them there and get to high ground as quickly as possible. 
They showed clips of people jet skiing in their neighborhood parks and kayaking. It was quite the site!! Many homes were flooded, as well as a church, and a Fry’s evacuated because their roof had collapsed. There were mudslides in some areas as well… list goes on and on. Water does a lot of damage.
Today has been dry but extremely humid. As I write this it looks like round two is on it’s way. It’s been sprinkling and the sky looks dark. Hopefully it won’t dump as much tonight. 🙂

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