1st Day of School 2014!!

Here we are again! Another school year has begun!!
Walker is officially in High School! I don’t even know how I feel about this yet. It’s exciting and yet my heart feels like it’s chasing after my baby boy as he is embarking on so many new experiences. I just want time to slow down, but I know that’s impossible. 
I’m learning how to let go and follow his lead. It’s a balancing act for sure. He wants more freedom and we are trying to give it to him. He’s so busy with Scouts, Marching Band, friends, and now school has started up, we won’t be seeing a whole lot of him. 
We usually have our scripture time and family prayer before bed each night. With his schedule we are going to have to tweak that. It’s going to mean sacrifices for Eli & Alayna. I think we are going to have to do it at 5:30 am! That will be a BIG change!! Since Walker has A hour Seminary he has to leave before 6 am and Jared usually leaves by 5:30 am for work. 
We will give it a try and see how everyone does. 
Eli is the Big Man on Campus this year. He’s a 6th grader!! He has Mr. Prebble. This is his 1st year with a male teacher. He was excited! He said the other day when we were talking about how he felt about this year he said he felt a bit nervous. I asked him why, and he said that being a 6th grader you have a lot of responsibility. The whole school looks up to you to be a good example. 
This mom’s heart melted!!
He has matures so much in the past year and he really wants to be a role model. He always strives to be a good friend to everyone. I admire that about him!
Alayna is a 2nd grader. She has 2 teachers this year. Mrs. Musslin (formerly Mrs. Simmons, she got married, Eli had her in 2nd grade) and Mrs. Dillard. They split their time in the classroom. They both have children and so they’ve worked it out so they are there part time. It sounds confusing and complicated, but they have done this for at least a year or two and it seems to work out fine. 
She was so excited for school to start today. She’s becoming more aware of how she looks and spends more time in the bathroom brushing her hair and picking out her outfits. It’s pretty cute. 🙂 
She couldn’t sleep last night, and she was up about 2 hours before she needed to leave for school this morning..LOL! She’s definitely my kid! I remember being like that every year. 
I have high hopes that this year will be a great one for the Kitch Family! 🙂
I’ve been in the kitchen all day making a special Back to School Dinner and Chocolate Chip Cookies for when they get home. I can’t wait to hear all about their day!!! 😀

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