Eli’s Arrow of Light!!!

Eli had his Arrow of Light Ceremony last night!
The Arrow of Light in Cub Scouts is the highest rank a boy can achieve. It is considered equivalent to The Eagle in Boy Scouts. 

The Chief began by beating his drum and called the boys that were receiving their Arrow of Light and had them follow him to the front. 
He then led them to the fire. As a Scout, they are to always be helpful. Each boy was given a stick to lay in the fire to help the fire to continue to burn. It’s all very symbolic in Scouts. 🙂
Then the parent’s of the boys were asked to join their boys. This is to show how we as parents are always there to help our boys on their Scouting journey. 
 The Chief then explained the meaning of the Arrow of Light.
First, the sun. The sun sheds its light on all that we do. A reminder that Cub
Scouts should be a light for those around them.
Second, the rays. The seven rays of the sun representing the seven days of the
week. A reminder that Cub Scouts should do their best every day. Also each of
the rays represents 7 great virtues:
WISDOM- Having wisdom doesn’t mean that a Scout is smarter than others. It
means that he uses what he knows to live a better life — to be a good example
for other people, young and old, Scouts and others, family and friends.
COURAGE- Having courage doesn’t mean that you’re never afraid — very
courageous people are often afraid. However, facing danger despite your fear is
the act of a brave, courageous Scout.
SELF-CONTROL- Scouts have to know when to stop. When you can stop yourself when
you have had enough or done enough of something — enough eating, enough playing,
or even enough working — then you have self-control. Know what behavior is
correct in each situation, and do it. When you have self-control, you are
growing up as a Scout.
JUSTICE- Justice is part of the Pledge of Allegiance: “with liberty and
justice for all.” Justice is being fair with others that we go to school
with, work and play with. Justice means it doesn’t matter who the person is, or
what color they are, or what they do … Scouts are fair to everyone.
FAITH- Scouts believe in God. Faith means that we believe in God and other
things we cannot see. When you know God exists in your heart, you have faith.
HOPE- Hope means you look forward to good things that you believe will happen.
You hope for better things tomorrow, but you work hard today to make those good
things happen.
LOVE- Scouts have many kinds of love. Love of family, home, your fellow Scouts,
God and country are all a part of Scouting. Every kind of love is important for
a full and happy life.
You will find that if you live by these seven virtues, you will be happy and
will make the people around you happy as well.
And finally, the arrow. The arrow which is symbolic of everything which is
straight and true. Just as Cub Scouts should be straight and true in their
lives. It also points forward to the trail of Boy Scouting ranks and higher

Then the boys recited the Boy Scout Oath. 
Their Webelos Leaders then presented them with their Arrow of Light patch which is one of the few patches that can be taken and worn on their Boy Scout uniform. 
Then the boys present their Mothers with a pin, as a thank you for helping them along their Cub Scout path
The parents then go and retrieve an arrow from the quiver….
 and present it to their son. (He was actually very excited about this…don’t let his facial expression fool you…he said he had an itch…LOL!)
The Chief then removes the boy’s Webelos neckerchief and slide before the Crossing Over part of the ceremony. The bridge symbolizes leaving Cub Scouts and entering the Scouting Program. 
The boys ‘cross over’ the bridge where their new Scout Master, Brother MacDonald, greeted them and shook their hand to welcome them into the Troop.
 The families follow..
Bro. MacDonald shared some thoughts and congratulated them on their completion of the Cub Scouting program. He welcomed them into 11 Year Old Scouts and the crowd gave a BIG cheer!!!
The Cub Scout Program from a Bobcat all the way up to the Arrow of Light is 3 years. A lot of hard work and dedication goes into earning all those patches, pins, arrow points, compass points, and belt loops! Jared and I are so proud of Eli and how much he’s grown and matured over the years. Cub Scouts teach life long lessons about character, hard work, goals, service….the list goes on and on! We are excited to watch him as he moves on to Boy Scouts and see him continue to develop and progress into an amazing young man!!! 

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