Kitch Apocalypse!

We’ve hit a really bad string of luck lately. Not only has Jared been laid off, everything we own seems to be needing repairs. In the couple of weeks he’s been laid off we have had to replace his car windshield, car battery, fix his car a/c, get Eli reading glasses, we’ve had 2 air conditioning companies come out and look at our home a/c because it keeps shutting down and they can’t figure out why, we’ve had an ant infestation in the kitchen, a broken pipe to our sprinkler system out back from the heavy equipment they brought in to build the pool, and then the two most recent problems…
#1 we have water seeping up from under the porch out back. 
Jared noticed it on Friday, and Saturday a friend from our Ward starting digging up the yard to see where the water was coming from. 

This was as far as they got. Jared asked me to go see if we had another shovel and so I went to the garage and I looked in the spot we usually keep them and there wasn’t a shovel there, but I noticed the concrete looked it might be wet. Problem #2… 
I followed the water back towards the water heater and lifted a car-seat and carpet and they were dripping with water! 
I yelled for Jared and we abandoned the backyard project so we could take care of the issue in the garage. We weren’t sure if the two were related or not but we knew we couldn’t wast any time getting someone out to look at it. 
Fortunately I discovered a cousin of mine, James Hansen, is a plumber. He came out the next day and I can’t tell you what a blessing he has been!
He came over to the house after he got off of work Saturday afternoon and looked everything over. He assessed the problem and told us he has a friend that owns a water removal/restoration/construction business called Dry Star. He called them up while he was at the house and they came over in 30 min. and started the dry out process and contacted our insurance company. 

When Dry Star came they cut the drywall and took out all the insulation. The insulation was like a giant sponge and the weight of the water was making both sides of the wall bow out. It was a mess!
Once they got the wall cut back and the insulation removed they brought in the big fans to dry everything out. Mold is not something you want growing in your house! 
Boy those fans are LOUD!
 They informed us that if the flooring was warped that I might want to start thinking about new options…however, I wasn’t that lucky..the flooring was fine. Darn it! LOL!
On Sunday James came back to do his plumbing thing. 😛

And here is the culprit! The bracket that was holding the hot water pipe in place inside the wall rubbed a pin size hole into it. It’s amazing how such a small thing can cause soooo much damage!
We had the insurance adjuster out today and tomorrow Dry Star should be coming to get the fans out and starting the reconstruction process. I can’t wait to have my house put back together! 🙂

So back to the 1st problem we still don’t have any answers. We’ve had the pool builders out, the landscapers and the plumber and none of them know where the water is coming from. Julie, Jared’s sister has a boyfriend that does concrete work and he said he can come and help us tear out the concrete to look under it to see where the water is coming from. 
We are going to wait a week to see if it dries out at all. If not then I guess we are going to rip it all up and give it a good look. :/

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