Utah- Day 5

Since the day before was so low key we decided to head out for some adventure!
However, not before I snapped some photos of everyone. 😛
Dad and Linda’s house.
The Marble Motel is literally right next door to their house. You can see their house right behind it. The 1st night we stayed with them and the 2nd night we moved over to the motel. John and Linda don’t have a/c in their home and even though we live in AZ everywhere has a/c and we needed to cool down! 😛
Afer some quick pics it was time to head out!
We stopped in Brigham City for lunch at Idle Isle Cafe. Everything there was pretty yummy! It was a throw back in time and they had an ice cream soda fountain bar there. It was cute. We went across the street where they have a fudge/chocolate store by the same name and got way too much sugar pulsing through our bodies. It was worth it!! 😛
Linda works at ATK and they have a Rocket Garden there. 
Those rockets are HUGE! The kids had a ball climbing in an out of some of the displays and reading about the rockets. It was a neat little stop in our day. 🙂 
Next we went to The Golden Spike.
The Jupiter.
Union Pacific No. 119.
Inside the Jupiter.
The kids really enjoyed seeing the trains and learning about the frontier. I think we all came away with learning something new that day! 🙂
We headed home after our fun day of being tourists and got everything packed up for our long drive the next day. Jared’s Aunt Jean had some of his Grandma’s things she wanted to give to Jared to take home for him and his siblings to have. She wanted us to come before they went to church so that meant we needed to be back down at Katie’s bright and early. 
 We packed up that night and drove down to Katie’s and spent the night there…but not before we found a Marie Callender’s and grabbed the most crave-able pie that I can’t get in AZ anymore though. Sure it was 10pm but isn’t that when pie tastes best??? LOL!

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