Jared was laid off today….He’s worked at the law-firm for 12 years. Today’s news came very unexpectedly. We are still in a bit of a whirlwind right now and trying to digest what this all means and what steps we need to take next. It’s a little difficult to wrap our minds around at the moment but we are trying to keep the faith and rely on the Lord’s plan. 
We don’t feel panicked about losing his job….yet anyway..That in and of itself is a huge blessing. Jared has been out of work twice before and the feelings we had during those times were “much” different than how we feel this time. We aren’t sure why exactly but I’m thankful for it! I still have a bit of a pit in my stomach but overall I feel a sense of calm. This may change in 3 months if he still hasn’t found work but, I’ll take what I can get now! 
I went down to Alayna’s dance studio today and withdrew her from her ballet class and The Nutcracker production. Ironically the casting list was just posted today and she had made it as one of the mice and an angel. We were looking forward to seeing her participate but with today’s news we have to make some adjustments to our finances. Thankfully she was very agreeable and wasn’t too upset about it. 
We don’t know why this happened. I do know that everything happens for a reason though.  Please keep us in your prayers…. 

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