Walker’s End of the Year Band Concert!

Walker had his last band concert of the year last night. The band has been practicing like crazy. I think it’s been one of the most discussed topics at our house…especially the last two weeks! He’s really been looking forward to it!
Can you feel the excitement building??
They are patiently waiting… 😛

The 7th grade band has a LOT of dummers this year….18 to be exact! 

 The band teacher has been trying to figure out something cool he could do with so many drummers so he came up with a drum-line solo on trashcans and glow sticks in the dark. It was really neat!!!

Walker is the one 2nd in from the right with the headband and the 1/2 circle on his chest.

The amount of progress they have all made over the course of the year was certainly noticed. They sounded really good! 🙂
Having band everyday for an hour vs. once a week has its benefits! I think it’s pretty cute how we always find Walker drumming on everything and anything now! I think he likes the drums! 🙂 

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