Seal Tour & Seaport Village

On our last day we went to Seaport Village to take the Seal Tour. 
The Seal Tour is an amphibious vehicle that drives on land and water. The tour takes you to Shelter Island Bay. On the tour you learn about San Diego’s military history and you get to see tons of Sea Lions we were lucky enough to see dolphins too! 😀 
Do you know how you can tell a sea lion from a seal? Sea lions have little ear bud flaps and seals don’t!
If you look on the lower right of the picture you can see a baby sea lion next to his/her mama. So sweet! Baby sea lions are called pups! A group of sea lions in the water are called a raft…if they are on land they are called a colony! 🙂
The tour is about 90 min. long. Our tour craft had an issue with a shock so we got to get off and explore a little bit on our way back while we waited for the fix-it crew to show up and do their thing. 
The tour takes you back to Seaport Village where we grabbed some lunch before heading home. Alayna and I also bought matching necklaces to remember this wonderful weekend together! 
I feel so blessed to have this sweet girl in my life. I’m grateful I get to be her Mom and it was so precious to be able to spend this one on one time with her and my Mom too! I think we need to make a girls’ trip once a year! 😀

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