Kickin’ Off the New Year!!

We’ve had company at our house for what seems like since Thanksgiving and it was time for some good ‘ol fashion family time!

We decided to start the day off with THE best donuts around…Krispy Kreme!!!

Let’s pretend the following pitures are in focus, no one has zombie eyes, they aren’t burned out, and not taken with cell phones..LOL! 😛

Man those babies are gooood!!

After we got our sugar fix we ran over to Toys R Us so the kids could go shopping with thier report card money. We worked up an appetite walking around that big store so we decided to call Mom (since we were in her neck of the woods) and took her out to lunch to Matta’s. We hung out at her place afterwards to visit and then it was time to leave cuz Dad was coming home early! 😀
We’ve been dying to take the kids to The Melting Pot for a long while now but never seemed to get over there. We called on New Year’s Day but they were closed..The stars finally aligned for us and we went there for dinner!!

Notice my bright red bandage on my finger..ya I tried cutting it off the other day while chopping an onion. Should have gotten stitches but waited too long so the Dr. just steri-stripped it, wrapped it up tight and gave me a tetanus shot!! Boy that hurt!!

The kids absolutely loved it! They thought it was the coolest thing EVER!! They couldn’t believe all the food that came! LOL!!

Mmmmm….The Cheese Course!!!

We had chicken, shrimp, lobster, pork, steak, dumplings, potatoes, mushrooms, and a myriad of dipping was divine! 

We ate and ate and ate for 2 hours straight! It was a BLAST!

My favorite course…The Chocolate Course. We ordered The Flaming Turtle! Oh My!!!! 🙂 The kids’ eyes were like saucers when they watched the waitress set the dessert on fire! We were so stuffed but we killed it! 😛
Before we even left the building the kids were trying to figure out a way to hurry and come back. So far they came up with “stock piling” eating out times and saving them for one night at The Melting Pot! Clever ones we are raising!! 😛
We couldn’t just head home after all that food, it just wouldn’t be right! So we stopped off at the mall on the way home to use up a gift card to the Disney Store our sweet nephew Joe gave us the last time he was in town!!! 

It was the perfect ending to a wonderful day with the family!! What a great way to kick off the new year!!

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